Helix. Beauty with a sophisticated twist.

Gracefully twisted around its own axis, a hexagonal band has been shaped into an exceedingly elegant bracelet and ring featuring a vibrant transitioning of edges and even surfaces from the visible to the invisible. Following the course of the platinum band's twist, brilliant-cut diamonds harmoniously combine with the precious metal to form an extravagantly compelling aesthetic entity: a genuine sculpture for the wrist and for the finger.
Alloy: Pt950
Stone: 438 brilliants F-vs 2,870 ct.
Item no.: P7171.01000
Price: 34715 € incl. VAT
Alloy: Pt950
Stone: 124 brilliants F-vs 0,660 ct.
Item no.: P7101.01000
Price from: 9740 € incl. VAT

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    438 brilliants F-vs 2,870 ct.
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    124 brilliants F-vs 0,660 ct.
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    70 brilliants F-vs 0,375 ct.