Mikado Soft. Delicately graceful lines.

When 'linear' and 'feminine' are not in conflict with each other, when geometry and softness are not contrary to each other, idiosyncrasies combine to form appealingly sensuous jewelry - like the exquisitely elegant Mikado Soft creations, which sublimely wed the most beautiful lines of diamonds to the most precious metals.

Anhänger mit Ankerkette
Alloy: Pt950
Stone: 18 brilliant F-vs 0,080 ct.
Item no.: P5707.40000
Price: 1835 € incl. VAT

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    57 brilliant F-vs 0,240 ct.
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    66 brilliants F-vs 0,275 ct.
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    66 brilliants F-vs 0,440 ct.
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    22 brilliant F-vs 0,125 ct.
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    36 brilliant F-vs 0,155 ct.