Henrich & Denzel
Tradition and modernity

Compelling statements

The ambition that drives us is to create refined luxury. But for the people who wear Henrich & Denzel jewelry, our creations are much, much more: captivating fusions of design and emotions, radiating an aura of timeless elegance that emphasizes the wearer’s personality.
Each of our pieces is the result of wedding a clear-cut shape to harmonious proportions, exquisite materials, functionality and peerless quality.

We deliberately take a long time to develop our jewelry from the first idea to the finished piece, creating numerous drafts, models and prototypes before we actually craft the piece concerned. We have made it a priority to adopt a holistic approach to each individual creation’s aesthetic appeal – so that people everywhere in the world are always fascinated by and happy with our exquisite pieces, and can establish an emotional relationship with each and every one of them.

Design as a definition of form

Henrich & Denzel comprehends design as an integral product feature that governs the entire development process. So by synergizing aesthetic appeal, superlative quality, inimitable haptics, functionality and ergonomic shapes, we create jewelry that is characterized by long-lasting design qualities and values.

We are committed to creating jewelry imbued with an aesthetic appeal that does not need any fashionable integument or superficial beauty. Our creations owe their appeal to their inherent formal statements, their reduction to essentials, plus their luxurious attributes and well-conceived ergonomic functionality.

A sculptural quality, intelligent constructions and clearly recognizable perfection are the key constituents of unobtrusive, natural beauty – and of all our pieces’ sublimely imposing aura, which also reflects the open-minded personality and authentic individuality so characteristic for each aficionado of Henrich & Denzel jewelry.

Our designs have won the Red Dot Award, the German Design Award and the Couture Design Award.