Tradition and modernity

Exquisite materials

Exquisite materials

For us, perfection demands the purest and most exquisite jewelry materials. The characteristic elements of Henrich & Denzel jewelry are platinum and gold, plus diamonds and/or colored gemstones.

We use only fine platinum and 950 platinum, as well as 750 gold. When used to manufacture wedding rings and other types of jewelry, these precious metals are usually mixed (alloyed) with other metals to enhance their properties. The higher the precious metal content in an alloy, the purer it is, and the more exclusive is the piece of jewelry crafted from it. In our opinion, only the best is good enough for engagement, wedding and other types of exquisite rings. This is why we don’t offer any precious metal alloys with a fineness of less than 750/1000.

Our close collaboration with prestigious suppliers guarantees that the metals we use have always been produced in line with state-of-the-art scientific and technological material and process development methods.
Correspondingly, we use exclusively diamonds that have been graded in compliance with the rules established by the International Diamond Council, IDC, and are in conformity with the Diamond Trading Company’s (DTC) codex. Each of our pieces has been stamped with a hallmark indicating the precious metal’s fineness, plus the diamonds’ weight and quality, as well as our company hallmark.

The precious metal concerned and its fineness are indicated by the corresponding hallmark (Pt for platinum, Au for gold), preceded by a number specifying – in parts per thousand – the proportion of pure metal in the alloy.

Platinum - the most precious of all metals

Being a particularly durable metal, platinum is the first choice for jewelry intended for eternity. Platinum symbolizes the idea of unique exclusivity. It is extremely rare, much rarer than gold. The production process, starting from mining the ore to obtaining pure platinum, involves 150 complex work steps. Its extremely high melting point and considerable toughness are a great challenge when it’s being shaped.

Henrich & Denzel is one of the few jewelry manufactories in the world that preferably use platinum with a fineness of at least 950/1000 as a white precious metal. Thanks to this high degree of fineness (95 %), platinum jewelry is hypoallergenic. So people with a sensitive skin that is allergic to many materials can usually wear platinum jewelry without any problems.

Gold - the epitome of luxury

Henrich & Denzel uses only gold with a fineness of at least 750/1000, up to 999 fine gold. Like with all the other materials we employ, we also want to know the origin of the gold we use. We support the “No Dirty Gold” campaign initiated by Earthworks, an organization that is committed to ensuring that natural resources are mined in an environmentally and ethically responsible manner.

The origin of our diamonds

We use what is called the Kimberley Process Certificate as a certificate of origin, which guarantees that our diamonds come from legitimate sources, and have been mined in compliance with UN Resolutions 1171, 1173, 1306 and 1343.

This certificate of origin is part of what is called the “System of Warranties”, which obligates all reputable diamond cutters and traders to cut and sell only “conflict-free” diamonds. Henrich & Denzel collaborates exclusively with diamond cutting companies that confirm to us in writing that they comply with the regulations of this System of Warranties.

The diamonds used by Henrich & Denzel have been graded in accordance with the IDC Rules, based on the following determinant quality criteria: the diamonds’ weight, color, purity and cut. Starting from a diamond size of 0.50 ct, the stones are accompanied by an expert’s report issued by an internationally recognized institute (HRD, GIA or DPL). The diamonds included in our online diamond database have all been certified by the GIA.