Design & Luxury

Values made in Germany

It was our enthusiasm for platinum that laid the foundation for our establishing the Henrich & Denzel jewelry manufactory in 1984. It has meanwhile evolved into an internationally renowned company, whose jewelry is being worn all over the world, from New York to Tokyo.

The purity of nature, exquisite materials and a contemporary formal idiom are our sources of inspiration and also the guidelines for our work, which is characterized by our uncompromising commitment to stringent quality standards, implemented in each and every manufacturing step.

Our company is still located in Radolfzell on the German shore of Lake Constance. This, too, emphasizes how Henrich & Denzel has embraced genuine values in its corporate culture.
We feel a strong affinity for the Lake Constance region, not least due to its pure and pristine natural beauty, its aura of manifest authenticity. This is where we belong, while also being at home all over the world – on each and every wearer’s skin.

Modern classics

Our job is to adorn people, translating our concept of jewelry and design into tangible reality. Henrich & Denzel stands for refined luxury, a clear-cut formal idiom, platinum and diamonds, plus lasting values – values that outlive fleeting fashions. Our jewelry appeals to people with a sense of style and true values, who share our love for jewelry. The people at Henrich & Denzel have put their unique mark on our company, with their inspiration, their creativity and their skills. Wedding aesthetic designs and perfect craftsmanship to the magic of the unique and sublime is our shared passion, which inspires us to create compelling examples of a contemporary jewelry culture.