Design & Luxury
Exquisite materials

Tradition und Moderne

Tradition and modernity

Exquisite jewelry maintains its value. It outlasts the passage of time. Those who create jewelry create something for eternity – a rather special task that we are consciously aware of, each and every day, also knowing full well that it’s the people working at our manufactory who make a piece of Henrich & Denzel jewelry come alive.

At the same time, we love the demanding challenge of wedding the traditional goldsmith’s craft to state-of-the-art technology for working the precious materials. With meticulous passion for detail and superlative crafting skills, plus a wealth of experience and know-how, our highly qualified designers, goldsmiths, gemstone setters and technicians create unique products of imperishable value: timeless jewelry creations that make us proud – and adorn happy people.

Qualität und Umwelt

Quality and our natural environment

With our product portfolio comprising top-quality engagement, wedding and other types of exquisite rings, we regard it as our responsibility to embrace a sustainable manufacturing concept.
Our uncompromising corporate philosophy is reflected in the carefully selected materials we use and their superlative quality, both of which are prerequisites for a jewelry creation’s lasting value and imperishable beauty. Our rigorous quality checks serve to guarantee our consistently high standards, and meet the most exacting expectations as to design quality, workmanship and durability.

All our production and manufacturing processes are in full compliance with the most stringent environmental protection standards. All material residues are collected and recycled. And it goes without saying that Henrich & Denzel uses only electricity generated by renewable energy sources.