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Forma. An inspired combination.


Sealing love's bonds, yet remaining distinctively individual. Representing a synthesis of the square and the circle that radiates an aura of timeless beauty, Forma symbolizes a promise to the future, and reflects our commitment to the highest of standards in terms of perfect designs and exquisite materials to create tokens of mutual respect that also provide optimum fit and wearing comfort.


wedding ring

Alloy:  Pt950
Item no.: P3334.40000
Price:  1390 € incl. VAT


Alloy:  Pt950
Stone: 1 diamond-princess F-vvs 0,200 ct.
Item no.: PS032.02000
Price:  2235 € incl. VAT

wedding ring

Alloy:  Pt950
Stone: 57 brilliants F-vs 0,190 ct.
Item no.: P5440.98000
Price:  1970 € incl. VAT