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Duell. Strength in harmony.


An astoundingly sophisticated creation symbolizing two individuals who share the same emotion, Duell features the merging outlines of what look like individual, loosely connected flexible rings, yet combine to form a single, compellingly harmonious entity. The ladies' ring can be complemented to perfection by the matching solitaire ring.


wedding ring·

Alloy:  Pt950
Item no.: P5441.02000
Price:  2275 € incl. VAT

wedding ring·

Alloy:  Pt950
Stone: 60 brilliants F-vs 0,200 ct.
Item no.: P5442.01000
Price:  4365 € incl. VAT


Alloy:  Pt950
Stone: 1 brilliant F-vs 0,330 ct.
Item no.: P5444.01000
Price:  3145 € incl. VAT