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Purest Aurum. A golden gleam for lifelong happiness.


Sometimes, nothing less than pure gold will suffice - for sealing the most heartfelt of all promises, for a lifetime of happiness. 99.99 % pure fine gold is the epitome of pure beauty, radiating a rich warm glow that will be your companion through the future. Pure gold is a gift. Shaped by the skillful hands of our experienced goldsmiths, each ring is a one-of-a-kind creation, so each pair is absolutely unique.


wedding ring type 2

Alloy:  24K
Stone: 1 brilliant F-if 0,010 ct.
Item no.: A5896.60000
Price:  2510 € incl. VAT

wedding ring type 2

Alloy:  24K/Pt950
Stone: 56 brilliants F-if 0,285 ct.
Item no.: A5996.11000
Price:  5075 € incl. VAT