An individually engraved ring is as unique as a person’s romantic love. Whether it’s an affectionate message, a date or a symbol, a personalized engraving transmutes a ring into a unique memento of a happy relationship – for an entire lifetime. You can choose among a variety of different fonts for your rings’ engravings, and thanks to state-of-the-art laser technology, we can also engrave handwritten notes or your fingerprints in your rings.


We at Henrich & Denzel want you to enjoy your jewelry for the rest of your life. This is why we’re totally committed to ensuring excellent advice and comprehensive service support.

You’ll get expert personal advice at our partners – carefully selected jewelers in many cities, such as Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Ulm, Konstanz, Stuttgart, Zurich and Vienna.

It’s always an exquisitely sensuous and highly emotional experience when you immerse yourself in this rather special world of jewelry shapes, colors and designs. You’ll be sensing the intrinsic value of platinum, the warmth inherent in gold, the distinctive haptics of different ring profiles and the superlative quality of our rings on your hand.
An expert will measure your ring size to ensure that your ring will be delightfully comfortable to wear.

Our certificate

of authenticity

To guarantee the authenticity and origin of a piece of jewelry created by Henrich & Denzel, we not only hallmark each individual creation, but also issue a certificate that is handed over to you by our partner.

This certificate warrants that the piece of jewelry concerned has been created exclusively in our manufactory in Germany, by qualified staff and using state-of-the-art technology, and that it has passed a stringent quality check. The fineness of the precious metal used is guaranteed by the hallmark stamped on each piece, i.e. 950 Pt or 999 Pt, and 750 Au or 999 Au respectively. We assure our customers that Henrich & Denzel exclusively uses naturally grown diamonds. The stones’ weight and purity are also engraved in each piece.

We warrant that our diamonds come from legitimate sources, and have thus been mined in compliance with UN Resolutions 1171, 1173, 1306 and 1343. These resolutions require that all uncut diamonds, irrespective of where they have been sourced, must be accompanied by the Kimberley Process Certificate, a certificate of origin that is issued in the country of origin and confirms that the uncut diamonds exported have been obtained from legitimate sources. The Kimberley Process Certificate is part of what is called the “System of Warranties”, which obligates all reputable diamond cutters and traders to cut and sell only “conflict-free” diamonds.

Jewelry care

A few handling and care recommendations
Nature offers us the most alluring and valuable materials of everlasting beauty. To ensure that your treasured pieces will never lose their charm, we recommend that you observe the following tips on how to handle and care for your jewelry.

A few handling recommendations
You live with your jewelry. It is part of your life, and life leaves its marks.
In the event that you’ve accidentally knocked a piece of jewelry heavily against a hard object, we recommend that you have the piece concerned and the diamonds examined by an expert. Even if a diamond is the hardest mineral on earth, its hardness depends on the crystal orientation inside the stone, which is not the same throughout, and it is particularly fissile along the octahedral cleavage planes. So even a diamond can be damaged.

Before you put on your jewelry, we suggest that you first check that the clasps and mechanical elements are functioning flawlessly. It’s advisable to keep your arm over a tabletop when you put on a bracelet, to prevent it from falling to the ground.

Your jewelry should ideally be stored on a soft material. Also, each piece should be protected from any mechanical effects, including those exerted by other pieces of jewelry. In particular, when you clap hands, there’s a risk of two rings colliding and being severely damaged.

If a piece of your jewelry has been damaged, you can ask your jeweler to send it to Henrich & Denzel for repair and servicing.

A few notes on jewelry care
If your jewelry is merely slightly stained or tarnished, you can clean it yourself, using a soft microfiber cloth or a soft brush, if necessary, and water.
Your jeweler will gladly help you to preserve your jewelry’s value, providing expert advice and professional cleaning services, using an ultrasonic bath, for example.

We hope you’ll enjoy your piece of Henrich & Denzel jewelry.